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Data Recovery from Heart and Soul Computer

Fredericksburg Virginia Computer Repair Specialists

When you need data recovery in today’s digital world, contact Heart and Soul Computer!   We are experienced professionals that use hardware and software dedicated to data recovery.  Our success rate is very high and if we can not recover the data then we can help you send the hard drive to a professional data recovery company.  

Data Backup and Recovery

$100.00 - $200.00

Heart and Soul Computer charges $50 to attempt data recovery.  If we can recover through normal means, then the cost is $100 total.  If we can recover but must make a bit by bit copy of the drive and sort through the raw data then the charge is $200.  If we can not recover the data at all then there is no additional charge and we will help you find a professional data recovery company that specializes in advanced data recovery.

Fredericksburg Data Recovery

Hard Drives Don't Last Forever!

Hard drives have a limited lifespan.  The normal platter hard drive has a average lifespan of five years.  Solid State hard drives have a maximum write count.  Hard drives are sensitive to shock and vibration and can be damaged by dropping the computer or moving the laptop while the hard drive is active.  Hard drives are also sensitive temperature and extreme heat or cold can damage the hard drive.

If you turn on your computer and hear a clicking sound, or are presented with an opening screen that reads, "Boot Device Not Found," it's almost certain that you've suffered a hard drive failure.  A common sign of a imminent hard drive failure is extremely slow boot time and programs are slow to open.    

The Data Is Still There!

Even though a hard drive can't read or write anymore, it's very likely that the information is still on the disk.  If the hard drive has not suffered a complete mechanical failure, we can probably recover the data.

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