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Heart and Soul Computer Technolgy Available for Purchase

Technology Available for Purchase from Heart and Soul Computer

Used Refurbished Laptops and Desktops in Fredericksburg Virginia

Heart and Soul Computer sells refurbished desktops and laptops.  We test and replace bad components and upgrade where possible and each computer has a fresh operating system.  There is a 30 day warranty against defects and Heart and Soul Computer will repair or replace hardware.  Refurbished computers are not returnable unless they are found to be defective.  Please test the computer before you purchase to make sure the computer is right for you.

Heart and Soul Computer also has in stock:

  • Ethernet Cables

  • Monitor and Video Cables

  • Laptop Power Adapters

  • Hard Drives

  • RAM 

  • Keyboards and Mice

  • Monitors

  • USB Flash Drives

  • Desktop Peripheral Cards

  • Wireless USB Adapters

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Refurbished computers for sale.
Refurbished Laptops
Refurbished Desktops
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