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PC and Laptop Repair - Heart and Soul Computer

Fredericksburg Computer Repair Specialist

Fredericksburg Computer Repair

Computer Diagnostic Service   $50

Expedite service is available.  Please inquire for price.


Laptop Hardware Repair   $75 - $100

$75 is the charge to take apart, diagnose, and put a laptop back together.  


$25 charge to replace a part or fix a component.

Heart and Soul Computer will require a $50 deposit for any repair.

Service Price List

Basic Rate............$50.00 hour

Minimum Onsite..........$25.00

Data Backup and Recovery



Operating System Reload


with Data Recovery


Home Service

$100 hour


Heart and Soul Computer can repair Apple and Microsoft computers, iPads and iPhones, and cellphones. Please inquire of specific repair or service not listed on our website.

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